Coinhako Supported Countries

Coinhako Supported Countries

Coinhako is a digital assets trading platform that makes access to Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), and cryptocurrencies in Asia, as hassle-free as possible.

Our cryptocurrency trading and wallet services are available in Singapore

Coinhako was founded in Singapore, and we provide the following range of services for our home market:

Trading with Fiat Currencies

Singapore Dollars (SGD) 

Account Funding Option(s)

US Dollars (USD) 

Account Funding Option(s)
  • Stablecoin Deposits
  • Bank Transfer ***only for qualified accounts

Stablecoin Deposits
You can fund your account in USD by sending USDT/USDC stablecoins to the USDT/USDC wallet address provided on the Deposit page.

Do note that all USDT/USDC supported stablecoins sent to a Coinhako Wallet address will be converted to US Dollars at real-time market rates.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Buy cryptocurrencies

Trade Option(s):

  • SGD trade
  • Swap crypto-to-crypto

Sell cryptocurrencies

Trade Option(s):

  • SGD trade
  • Swap crypto-to-crypto

Swap cryptocurrencies

Trade Option(s):

Requirements to open a Coinhako Singapore account

To be able to enjoy our services for Coinhako Singapore you will need: 

  • An email address that you frequently use
  • A Singapore registered phone number
  • Singapore bank account
  • The required documents to complete your account verification

Figured it out? Start Trading Now!

If you require further information, you may contact us here or visit our Blog for the latest updates.

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