Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services

Facing issues on our platform and want to get help from our support team? 

Official Customer Support 

Currently, our only support channels are our ticketing system and our email at – we do not provide any additional support anywhere else.

For the quickest resolution, remember to provide sufficient details regarding the issue you are facing and attach screenshots wherever possible.


While our channels like Facebook and Twitter are always open for you to contact us with your feedback and concerns, we DO NOT attend to any account-related questions there for security and privacy purposes. 

Other existing Coinhako channels like Telegram and LinkedIn will only be used for disseminating information and updates about our products. 

Do note that admins on our social media channels will never contact you to send tokens to any wallet addresses. 

Alternative Channels

Remember, Coinhako does not provide any support apart from our online ticketing system and email. For security and privacy, phone support, face-to-face or any alternative channels will not be provided. 

If you are approached by anyone claiming to be part of our support staff, please refrain from giving out your personal information as it could be a  scam. Official Coinhako support members will only contact you using our official email at


Need more information about our company and/or services? Visit our Information Page, which contains all the relevant information. If you require further support, you can email our support team here– we will try our best to get in touch with you within 48 hours.


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