Depositing via Xfers Direct Charge

Depositing via Xfers Direct Charge

Here’s what to expect when choosing Xfers Direct Charge as your preferred payment method:

  1. Fund your Coinhako SGD wallet within minutes when you transfer to Xfers via FAST.

  2. Top-up up to S$20,000 per transaction, with no restrictions of transactions per day.

  3. First-time transfers may require review by Xfers and take up to 48 hours to process.

Connect Xfers account with Coinhako account

1.  On the Superwallet tab, select Deposit 

2. Click on ‘Deposit SGD via Xfers Direct’.


3. If it is your first time using Xfers Direct on Coinhako, click on ‘Connect to Xfers now!’. Please note that you should update the Coinhako mobile app to the latest version to use Xfers.

4. Enter the phone number that is registered with your Xfers account and enter the One-Time-Password (OTP) code sent to your mobile device.

5. Your Xfers should be connected to your Coinhako account now.

Connect bank account with Xfers

1. On the Xfers deposit page, select ‘Add Bank Account


2. Fill in the necessary information:

  • Under ‘Bank Name’, select your bank from the list

  • Under ‘Account Number’, enter your bank account number

  • Under ‘Beneficiary Name, enter your name

  • Under ‘Bank Account Proof’, upload a picture of your bank statement or other documents that prove ownership of the bank account

Once done, select ‘Submit’.


Make a FAST transfer to your unique Xfers deposit account number 

1. Log in to your personal bank account

2. Make a FAST transfer using the details provided on the Xfers deposit page

3. Your deposit will be credited within minutes

You're done! Just hold on for a few minutes and your deposit will be credited to your wallet. Once we are notified of a successful FAST transfer to Xfers, you will see the deposit reflected in Coinhako.

** Please note that a fee of 0.55% will be incurred for Xfers Direct deposits. These fees are paid directly to Xfers.

Important to note:

1) First-time transfers may require review by Xfers and take up to 48 hours to complete.

2) To ensure the safety and accountability of our platform, we are required to process compliance checks where necessary. Manual compliance reviews for some transfers may be obligatory and take up to 48 hours.

3) In the event that the transfer is not accepted by Coinhako for compliance reasons, the funds will be transferred back to your Xfers account and subjected to Xfers transfer fees.

For more information about Xfers Direct Charge or assistance with Xfers-related issues, please reach out to the Xfers team directly.


Figured it out? Start Trading Now! 


If you require further information do not hesitate to contact us here or stay tuned to our Blog for the latest updates!

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