Error: You are not allowed to trade

Error: You are not allowed to trade


If you receive the error message "You are not allowed to trade" when you want to trade cryptocurrencies on Coinhako, it is likely that your account has not been verified.

In order to trade, users must verify their Coinhako accounts. You may check the status of your account verification here: 

Here is how to proceed after checking your status:

1.  NO, my account has not been verified.

  • I have not submitted my documents for verification.

No worries! Submit the required documents and wait for the support team to verify your account. 

  • I have submitted the documents and am waiting for approval.

No worries! The support team will verify your account soon. We typically take about 1 business day to process verifications.

  • I have submitted documents and got rejected.

No worries! Re-submit the documents and wait for the support team to re-verify your account.

2.  YES, my account has been verified.

For more information about account verification, please visit:




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