Failed Transaction: Out Of Gas?

Failed Transaction: Out Of Gas?

Out of gas error?

Coinhako utilizes Ethereum contracts to secure your funds more effectively, which requires more gas than sending ETH to a regular address.

Your ETH deposit to Coinhako is failed due to out of gas:

  • Your ETH transaction has been cancelled and it did not reach the receiving address/platform.

  • Your ETH will be refunded to your sending address/platform.

For more information about Out of gas error, you can visit this page.

What should I do?

Tip 1: Increase the gas limit up to 90000

  • I sent ETH from my personal wallet (Nano Ledger S)

Follow the instruction ---> Connect your Nano Ledger > Send Ether / Token page > Please adjust your Gas Limit to 90000. 

  • I sent ETH from a sending platform

Contact your sending platform to increase the gas limit to 90000.

Tip 2: Hmm, I cannot increase the gas limit

  • Send your coin to a regular ledger / metamask / myetherwallet address; then

  • Send your coin to Coinhako from there.

If you require further information do not hesitate to contact us here or stay tuned to our Blog for the latest updates.


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