GrabPay FAQs

GrabPay FAQs

In this article, you’ll learn how to use GrabPay to buy crypto on Coinhako and find answers to the most frequently asked questions about GrabPay 

1. How do I make payment for trades via GrabPay?

  1. Launch the Coinhako app
  2. Tap or click on the token you wish to purchase
  3. Under the “Buy” tab, enter the amount you wish to spend and select “GrabPay” as your payment method

4. You will be prompted to log in with Grab.

5. Enter your Singapore mobile phone number and tap Next.

6. A six-digit one-time password will be sent to your mobile number
TP to proceed to payment.

7. Select the “Pay” button to complete the payment.

2. What is the fee for orders via GrabPay?

Every trade order funded using GrabPay incurs a 2.8% processing fee, w.e.f 1 April 2023.



3. Does my registered name on Grab need to match the identity documents submitted to Coinhako?

No, it is not a requirement for the name associated with your Grab account to match the one registered with Coinhako. However, we recommend using your own account to avoid any possible discrepancies. 



4. Are there any limits for trades funded by GrabPay?

There is a $5,000 SGD daily limit and $30,000 SGD annual limit for GrabPay transactions for fully verified Grab users. However, limits may vary for individuals, up to Grab’s discretion.


If you attempt to make a transaction after exceeding the transaction limit, GrabPay will notify us and your transaction will not go through.



5. My order via Grab Pay is still processing, may I know when it will be completed?

GrabPay transactions are usually completed instantaneously. In the event that there are any errors and your transaction does not go through, your funds will be refunded to your Grabpay wallet.



6. My transaction has been canceled, but my GrabPay balance has already been deducted. How will I get my money back?

You should not be charged for cancelled transactions. Do drop us a support ticket so that our team can assist you further. 

7. Can I withdraw money from my SGD wallet to my GrabPay wallet?

We do not support withdrawals to your GrabPay wallet at this point in time.

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