How do I invite my friend?

How Do I Invite My Friend?

Access to digital assets should be available for everyone! If you know someone who might enjoy the services on our platform, refer to the following instructions:-

1. Select 'Refer & Earn' from the top bar of your Dashboard then click the blue 'Invite your friends now!' button.

2. You will be led to the following page where you can fill in your friend's email address to send them an invitation to Coinhako.

3. Your friend will be sent an email inviting him/her to sign up.

4. After your referred friend signs up successfully, he/she will receive a confirmation mail to verify their email with Coinhako, plus a thank-you email where he/she can refer another friend(s) to get 20% commission. 

5. Referrer can view the number of his/her referred friends as well as the total commission they have and the details. 

- Select 'Refer & Earn' in Dashboard > scroll down > select 'Commission History' to see your commission details.

- Select 'Refer & Earn' in Dashboard > scroll down > select 'Referred Users' to see the list of friends you had referred.

Please note there is no limit on the number of referred users. However, we will disqualify any user and revoke referral commission payout due to duplicate/fake accounts or any violation of the referral program. Kindly view 'Program Details' and 'Terms & Conditions' by referring to this page for more information.

Figured it out? Start Trading Now! 

If you require further information do not hesitate to contact us here or visit our Blog for the latest updates.

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