How will Coinhako Support the GALA(v2) migration?

How will Coinhako Support the GALA(v2) migration?

On 15 May 2023, GALA  will migrate to GALA(v2) — Coinhako will support the upgrade and automatically convert GALA tokens to GALA(v2) tokens following the airdrop. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you understand the migration better.

Do I have to do anything with the GALA I hold?

No, the token migration to GALA(v2) will be completed automatically. 

Can I withdraw or deposit GALA during the migration?

GALA deposits will be halted at 12 PM on 14 May 2023  — deposits should be completed before the halt, or after the migration when services resume. 

Will I get more/less tokens after the migration?

The tokens will be converted at a 1:1 ratio — your balance remains the same after the migration.

Will the GALA ticker and symbol change after the migration?

No, you will continue to see the same GALA symbol and ticker on Coinhako even after the migration is complete.  

Can I choose to keep my old GALA tokens?

Because the migration is automatic, all tokens stored in your Coinhako Superwallet will be swapped to GALA(v2). 

What can I do with my old GALA tokens after the migration?

Absolutely nothing, as it will have no support or usability.

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