Importing your proof of attendance (POA) NFT to your crypto wallet

Importing your proof of attendance (POA) NFT to your crypto wallet

Proof of attendance (POA) non-fungible tokens (NFT) are unique digital mementos that have become fairly common at events as virtual badges or stickers to commemorate your attendance.

After you have completed a mint for the POA NFT, you will need to complete a few simple steps to officially receive the NFT in your wallet of choice.

Step 1: Ensure that you have a wallet to receive the NFT

There are many wallets that can receive NFTs*, with the most widely used wallet being MetaMask.

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*DO NOT send to wallets on exchanges as most do not support NFTs  — you risk losing the NFT.

Step 2: Import the POA NFT with your private key

With your wallet ready to go, you can now import the POA NFT with the private key attached to the NFT.

  • Here’s a guide by Metamask to assist you with importing your private key on the Metamask wallet.

  • Have other wallets? Please follow the respective wallets’ instructions to import your minted POA NFT

What can I do once the NFT is in my wallet?

  1. Enjoy its functionalities

    1. NFT functionalities may vary depending on the project, individual or organization that issued it.

    2. In the case of a POA NFT, it’s a neat way to showcase your attendance at a venue/event 

  1. Transfer it to another wallet

If you wish to transfer your NFT to another wallet, you will need a way to pay gas fees to the Ethereum blockchain to complete the transaction.

This will be deducted from your ETH balance on your Metamask (or wallet of choice)*.

*Please note that information here is only applicable for ERC-721 transactions on the Ethereum blockchain — further steps may be required for other blockchains.

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