Sending & Receiving Ripple - XRP

Sending & Receiving Ripple - XRP

This article will guide you on how to send and receive XRP* with Coinhako.

*The process of sending and receiving crypto to and from Coinhako has been updated to ensure compliance with the Travel Rule. Learn more about it here

Sending XRP

1. Navigate to 'Superwallet'

2. Select ‘XRP’ from the list of tokens

3. Select 'Send XRP'.

4. On the following page, you will have to:

  • Enter the Recipient's Address or scan a QR Code

  • Enter your destination tag. If you chose to scan a QR Code, your destination tag will be included automatically

  • Select the address destination from the dropdown list

  • Enter the recipient’s name. You can choose to save this recipient in the address book.

  • Enter the amount of XRP you wish to send

  • Click on 'Preview transaction’, and check that the information on the pop-up is correct and click 'Proceed' when you're ready.


5. On the following page:

  • Check that your transaction details are correct

  • Click 'Get the code' – an email with a verification code will be sent to you. Enter the verification code.

  • Enter your 2FA code (from your authenticator app)

  • Click 'Confirm' once you're ready

**Don't forget to check the address and amount before selecting 'Confirm'.

6. Your send request will be processed and an email will be sent to you once it has been completed. 

Receiving XRP

1. Navigate to 'Superwallet'

2. Select ‘XRP’ from the list of tokens

3. Select 'Receive XRP' .

4. You can use the QR code found on this page to receive XRP. If you have not generated an XRP address, you can do so by clicking ‘Create XRP address'.

**Kindly note that users can generate 1 XRP address only.

Please take note that:

  • Destination tag is extra information unique to each XRP wallet at Coinhako.

  • In case you use QR Code to share with parties wanting to send XRP to you, your QR code is combined with your XRP address and the destination tag.

  • Deposits to Coinhako without a destination tag will be rejected by the Ripple network and not be mined.

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If you require further information do not hesitate to contact us here or stay tuned to our Blog for the latest updates.

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