Supported Cryptocurrencies on Coinhako

Supported Cryptocurrencies on Coinhako

Coinhako provides accelerated access to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and cryptocurrencies with over 40 crypto trading pairs! 

1. Access to a wide range of tokens

We provide different levels of support for different cryptocurrencies. Here is the full list of tokens on Coinhako and their respective level of support: 
  1. Full Support Tokens

  2. Trade-Only Tokens

  3. Deposit-Only Tokens




2. Cryptocurrency Trading and Wallet Services

Trading Cryptocurrencies

  1. Buy

The ‘Buy’ function at Coinhako allows you to purchase any supported cryptocurrencies with your local currency, at a spot price.

  1. Sell

The ‘Sell’ function at Coinhako allows you to sell any supported cryptocurrencies with your local currency, at a spot price.

  1. Swap

Want to hold another digital currency? The ‘Swap’ function at Coinhako allows you to exchange any supported cryptocurrencies with others, at a spot price.

Learn how to buy, sell or swap cryptocurrencies ➡️ via Web or App

Transact with Cryptocurrencies

  1. Send (or withdraw)

The ‘Send’ function at Coinhako allows you to withdraw or send cryptocurrencies to other wallet addresses.

  1. Receive (or deposit)

The ‘Receive’ function at Coinhako allows you to deposit or receive cryptocurrencies in your Coinhako account, from other wallet addresses.

Learn how to send or receive cryptocurrencies ➡️ via Web or App.

Store Cryptocurrencies Securely

One of our primary functions is to provide our users with a cryptocurrency e-wallet service. You can store your cryptocurrencies in your Coinhako wallet, which is safe and highly secure.

All funds, except for a small percentage, are swept and forwarded to our cold storage accounts. Cold storage funds are stored in hardware wallets and vaulted in a highly secure location. These 'cold wallets' are offline and offer paramount security as they cannot be hacked.


3. Frequently Asked Questions

Why are ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ not available for ‘Trade-only’ tokens?

To ensure cryptocurrencies on Coinhako are in compliance with regulations in Singapore, some tokens listed are trade-only

‘Trade-only’ tokens are tokens without ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ functions as they do not meet the necessary regulatory requirements for such transactions. We seek your understanding on the matter as we continue to work towards establishing full support for these tokens.


Figured it out? Start Trading Now!

If you require further information, you may contact us here or visit our Blog for the latest updates.

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