Withdrawing SGD via Bank Transfer on Coinhako

Withdrawing SGD via Bank Transfer on Coinhako

Making a withdrawal via a bank transfer is the same for all currency wallets.


* All pictures displayed in this article are for illustrative purposes –you should find all the required details in the same areas on Coinhako for currencies supported in your country.


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1. Select 'Wallet' tab on the top of your Dashboard.


2. Select 'Withdraw' under the SGD wallet.


If you have filled in your bank account details previously and wish to send funds to that account, please skip to step 5.

3. You will be prompted to add your bank account details if they are not recorded in our system yet.

Select 'Add Bank Account'.



4. Fill in the details of your bank account accordingly and select "Confirm".


5. When you are ready, select the bank account which you wish to withdraw your funds to.


6. On the next screen:

  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Double-check your account details
  • Select 'Preview Withdrawal' to review your withdrawal details 
  • Select “Proceed” when you’re ready




7. You will be required to enter the code generated by your 2FA authenticator app.

Don't know what 2FA is?  👉 Visit this page for more information!


8. You will also need to enter an email verification code to confirm your withdrawal. To get the code, tap on “Click to get code.”


*Once sent to your email, your OTP will be valid for 10 minutes.



9. Verify that the amount is correct and click 'Confirm'.



10. Your withdrawal will be processed!


After the request has been submitted, withdrawals may take anywhere from a few minutes up to 5 days, depending on the bank you withdraw from. The timeframe for your withdrawal may be extended during periods of high volume.



If your withdrawal requests were not credited to your account within the stated timeframe, please contact our support team here. Please attach a screenshot of the transaction and its details for us to take a deeper look into the matter.


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