Protecting Your Online Data

Protecting Your Online Data

Here are some tips to reduce the risk of your Online Data being compromised:

Tip 1: Look Out For Suspicious Websites


Avoid sites that seem fishy or appear to bear a resemblance to Coinhako's URL. Contact us if you come across such fraudulent sites. For clarity, Coinhako's URL is

Tip 2: Check for Encrypted Connections



Check if sites have encrypted connections before sharing information. Different browsers have different indicators for encrypted connections.

Here's how to tell if a website is secure, if you're a Google Chrome user:

1. Https://:protocol should be included in the address

2. A lock sign next to the URL

3. The word "secure" should be green in colour


Tip 3: Handle Personal Information With Care


Never share sensitive data on platforms that you may be unsure of. Coinhako will never request for your password. We will never send out any emails or SMSes requesting for such information. If you are unsure about any requests for personal information, kindly contact our support team for verification before you proceed.


It is common to come across dubious links that will take you to fraudulent sites.

Such sites could:

1) Be phishing sites

2) Install malicious software(s) into your device

3) Infect your device with online viruses

These could lead to highly undesirable consequences, such as online identity theft or the loss of data from your device.

Tip 5: Check for Credibility and Legitimacy of Browser plug-ins


Even though Chrome extensions may be helpful, these present a new way for hackers to rob your data. Chrome extensions are able to hide malware, and users are urged to be extra vigilant because this can happen even when the extensions are installed via the Google Chrome web store.

Tip 6: Monitor Your Online Data


We highly recommend that you check your online data at every now and then. To ensure that your personal data is not compromised in any way, do consider using other data protection programs.

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